Trainees enrolled in this course will develop skills in the use of SELENIUM Automation Tool. This course will provide information needed to get productive with Selenium WebDriver.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the course, participants will be able to gain a solid working knowledge of Selenium Automation Tool.

Course contents

Basic Java programming.

Overview of Selenium Automation Tool
•    What is Selenium?
•    Why Automated Testing?
•    History  of selenium
•    Architecture of selenium
•    Selenium in Action
Selenium IDE
•    Introduction to Selenium IDE and Installation
•    Recording and running a Test
•    What is Selenese
•    Doing Verifications
•    Using Assert and Verify
•    Creating Test Suites
•    Exporting test cases
Element locator in Selenium
•    Tools used to locate elements on a browser
•    Object location techniques
•    Useful XPATH patterns
•    Why and when to use CSS instead of XPATH
Introduction to basic Java and Selenium
Selenium WebDriver
•    Introduction to Selenium Webdriver
•    Difference between Selenium1 and Selenium 2
•    Setting up Selenium WebDriver
•    Writing your test cases using Webdriver
Advanced WebDriver
•    Building a Framework
•    TestNg framework/ANT
•    Introduction to TestNg
•    TestNg Annotations
•    Using TestNg with selenium
•    Introduction to ANT
•    Configuring ANT
•    Data driven Testing
•    Page Object Model Overview

Intended for:
This course is suitable for the following individuals:
•    Anyone who wants to kick-start or advance his/her career as a Selenium Automation Tester
•    QA Testers/Managers
•    QA Engineers
•    Programmers
•    Automation Engineers

Methods used:
This is a hands-on course with participants applying what they learn to access Selenium Automation Tool. Every participant will have dedicated use of a workstation for the database exercises.

30 hours
Batch#1 – Monday,Thursday, Saturday and Sunday – 10am-5pm
Batch#2 – Saturday and Sunday – 10am-5pm

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