Students enrolled in this course will develop skills in MYOB Application. Participants will be trained in using the software of MYOB and up-to-date training in multiple areas of Bookkeeping and Accounting.
Course Contents:
1.    Creating a new company file
2.    Chart of Accounts
3.    Opening balances
4.    Historical balances
5.    Setting up Inventory
6.    Purchasing
7.    Paying for purchases
8.    Selling
9.    Receivables
10.    Cheques
11.    Reconciliations
12.    Working with reports
13.    Working with inventory
14.    MYOB and the GST
15.    Business Activity Statements
16.    Setting up payroll
17.    Setting up employees
18.    Conducting a Pay run
19.    Entitlements
20.    Payroll Information
21.    Payroll obligations
22.    End of Month
23.    End of year
24.    File Management

Intended for:
This course is suitable for any graduate who is looking to kick-start or advance in bookkeeping and accounting.

Methods used:
This is a hands-on course with participants applying what they learn to access MYOB software.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the course, participants will be able to gain a solid working knowledge MYOB. Participants will get familiar with all the topics listed in the course contents.

21 hrs
Weekends – Sundays – 3x7hrs