C#.Net Programming

C#.Net Programming


This training program lets you start a challenging career as a C# .Net developer. During the session, participants get hands on experience from basic level concepts to the most advanced level concepts of c# programming, which are being used by most of the software companies currently in the market. We will make sure that at the end of the session, you would be able to develop console applications, windows applications and as well as web applications. The material we provide will be helpful for the participants get confidence to be a successful developer.

Learning Outcomes:
After completing this course, students will be able to:
Get good knowledge of Object oriented programming concepts (Oops).
Implementing Oops concept through your c#programs.
Acquire good knowledge of c# basics. As basics are always stepping stones for being a good developer.
Implementing the advanced concepts like LINQ, WPF etc.
Able to design windows and web applications successfully.
Connect to SQL server database and working on it through your applications.

Course Contents:
1.    C# and .Net Programming
2.    C# Language Fundamentals
3.    Operators
4.    Branching
5.    Object-oriented Programming
6.    Classes and Objects
7.    Inside Methods
8.    Arrays
9.    Inheritance and Polymorphism
10.    Interfaces
11.    Generics and Collections
12.    Strings
13.    Throwing and Catching Exceptions
14.    Delegates and Events
15.    Creating Windows Applications
16.    Windows Presentation Foundation
17.    ADO.Net and Relational Databases
18.    LINO
19.    ASP.Net
20.    Creating Web Applications

Intended for:
This course is intended for any graduate who is looking to kick-start or advance their career as C#.Net developer. No prior experience is presumed.

25 hrs
Weekdays :  Mon – Fri – 5hrs/day
Timings: 10am-4pm