Who can learn this course:

Any individual who want to become a web developer

Pre Requisite:

  • PHP class attendees must be fluent in HTML.

End Objective:

  • Gain the PHP programming skills needed to successfully build interactive, data-driven sites
  • Use the MVC pattern to organize code
  • Test and debug a PHP application
  • Work with form data
  • Use cookies and sessions
  • Work with regular expressions, handle exceptions, and validate data

Course Duration: 40 Hours

Course Content :

Module 1: Introduction to PHP

· Requirements / Installation

· The Request / Response Model

· HTML as a Medium

· Objects and Variables

· Using Functions

· Using Arrays and Loops

· Using Posted Data

· Conditionals

Module 2: Temporary Storage

· Understanding Cookies

· Understanding Sessions

· Persisting User Data Sitewide

Module 3: Introduction to Oracle™ MySQL

· Understanding Tables and Rows

· MySQL Data Types

· Designing Tables with PHPMyAdmin

· Querying the Database for Information

· Displaying MySQL Results with PHP

· Creating a Simple Log In

· Understanding Relational Database Design

· Associating User Preferences with a User

Module 4: Introduction to AJAX

· Synchronous vs Asynchronous

· JavaScript Essentials

· Creating an AJAX Interface

· Going Asynchronous

Module 5: Oops in php,

· mvc architecture

· understanding cms,and frameworks

· diff between php4 and php5 projects

Module 6 : One php real time project