Oracle Manufacturing Functional

Who can learn this course:

· Functional Implementer

· Technical Consultant

· End Users

Pre Requisite:

· R12.x Oracle E-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers

End Objective:

· Read and explain Oracle Manufacturing entity relationship diagrams

· Use Oracle Manufacturing open interfaces and APIs

· Understand Oracle Inventory’s major features and processes

· Understand Bills of Material and Engineering’s major features and processes

· Understand Cost Management’s major features and processes

· Understand Work in Process’ major features and processes

· Work with Oracle application basics

· Understand Order Management’s major features and processes

· Understand Material Requirements Planning’s major features and processes

· Understand Purchasing major features and processes

· Understand Quality’s major features and processes

Course Duration: 50 hours

Course Content :

The Oracle Apps Modules covers in Oracle Manufacturing Training Course are:

  • Inventory
  • Oracle Bills of Material and Engineering
  • Oracle Work in Process
  • Brief Introduction to Purchasing and Order Management SCM Modules
  • New Features of R12 Manufacturing Modules

Course Details

Introduction to Oracle SCM eBusiness Suite
  • Identify the components that comprise an Oracle Application system
  • Navigation to Oracle Applications
  • Explain basic application integration
  • Identify Entities that are shared between multiple applications
  • Explain different application versions & database versions
  • Multi Org structure and explanation of Sample Org
  • Accounting Basics
  • Overview on P2P and O2C Cycles


  • Setup Inventory organizations
  • Setup Sub Inventories
  • Setup Locators
  • Lot and Serial number control
  • Setup Min Max Planning
  • Reorder Planning
  • Replenishment
  • Kanban
  • ABC analysis
  • Physical Counting
  • Cycle counting
  • Setup Item templates
  • Define item by Assigning Item templates
  • Check Item availability
  • Create Move Order Requisitions
  • Inter organisations
  • Sub inventory Movements
  • Setup unit of measures
  • class, codes & conversions
  • Key flex fields used in inventory

2. Bills of Material (BOM).

  • Introduction about BOM
  • BOM parameters
  • Resource Groups
  • Department Class
  • Define BOM and query BOM
  • Comparing Between to BOM’s
  • Query Item where it is used In BOM
  • Mass changes for BOM
  • Attach Documents to BOM
  • Create Common BOM
  • Import BOM
  • Define Resource
  • Define Departments
  • Define Standard Opertions
  • Define Routings
  • Query Resource where its use
  • Import Routings

3. Work In Progress (WIP).

  • Introduction about WIP
  • WIP parameters
  • Schedule Groups
  • WIP Accounting Class
  • Define Documents for Job/Schedules
  • Perform Complete Discrete Job Cycle
  • Job workbench
  • Resource workbench
  • Import Job and Schedules
  • View Pending Jobs and Schedules
  • WIP Value Summary
  • View Discrete Jobs and Repitive Schedules
  • Update OSP Need by Dates