Oracle Fusion SOA Development

 Who can learn this course:

· Architect

· Business Analysts

· Application Developers

· Technical Consultant

· SOA Architect

Pre Requisite:

· Knowledge of XML concepts and fundamentals of Web Services

· XML Fundamentals

· Understanding of XPath and XSLT

End Objective:

· Describe the business and technical challenges when adopting SOA in your organization

· Evaluate the Oracle SOA Suite for use in your organizations

· Describe SOA concepts

· Describes the functionality and features of core service components in Oracle SOA Suite 11g

· Explain the context of using each core service component, and business challenges they address

· Explore a SOA composite application in JDeveloper

· Explain how Oracle Service Bus mediates between services

· Describe the role of SOA governance in a SOA project, and high-level approaches

Course Duration: 45 Hours

Introduction to Oracle SOA Suite 11g

· Overview of service-oriented architecture (SOA)

· Overview XML, XSD, WSDL,Webservices

· Why is SOA?

· What is SCA?


· Overview of weblogic server

· Overview of SOA server and bam server and meta data schemas

· Creating domain in weblogic server.

· Install SOA Server

· Overview of start and stop steps of SOA server and Admin Server.

Interaction Patterns

· Synchronous Pattern

· Asynchronous pattern

· One way invoke

SCA Architecture

· Define a composite application

· Describe SOA Composite Editor

· Explain Component Type Files.

SOA Composite Build and Deploy

· Explain SOA composite.


· Understand BPEL designer (JDeveloper) and activities

· Creating your first BPEL Process – HelloWorld

· Xpath Expression Builder

· Deploying the SOA Composite application.

· Managing Deployments/Un-Deployments with Enterprise Manager 11g

Build of Synchronous and Asynchronous Services

· Orchestrating Services with BPEL for Synchronous, Asynchronous and One-way Service

· Overview of Partner Link. Why do we need myRole-PartnerRole concept


· Create a synchronous process

· Create an asynchronous process

· Create One-way

Transformation Services

· XSLT mapping tool

· XSLT map Testing and analysing at design time.

Parallel processing and Conditional branching

· Understanding activities XSL, Switch, flow and While.


· Processing with Parallel Flows

· Using Flown activity

· Conditional Branching

Exploring Pick activity and OnAlarm branch


· Develop BPEL process to use pick(Receive inputs from Multiple Operations)

· Develop BPEL process that can time out a call to an Async process, using OnAlarm branch

Adapters Concepts

· Understanding File, Database and JMS Adapter


· Read and write a file using file adapter

· Poll for new rows in a table using DB adapter

· Insert data into JMS queue using JMS adapter


· Working with Mediator Components

· Explain the Mediator component and its features

· Parallel Flows and sequential flows.


· Creating a Mediator Component

· Adding Routing Rules

· Create XSL Transformations with XSLT Mapper

· Create Content Based Routing filters

Human Workflow and work list application

· Human Workflow Service Concepts

· Features of workflow service


· Sending an approval notification

· Modeling workflows

· Business Rules

· Introduction to Business Rules.

· Introduction to Decision tables


· Using Business Rules and Decision tables in BPEL

Fault Handling and Exception Management

· Explain Fault Types

· System faults

· Business faults

· Process based Fault handling.

· Policy based fault handling.


· Using Throw activity to throw faults

· Using Fault Handler to handle faults

· Compensation handler

· Using policy files