Oracle Demantra

Who can learn this course:

· End Users

· Functional Implementer

Pre Requisite:

· Demantra Fundamentals

End Objective:

· Finalize forecasts

· Use forecast accuracy and exceptions

· Introduce new products using methods and Member Management

· Create combinations

· Create sample forecasts for new products using chaining and shape modelling

· Align a new product forecast based on actual sales

· Use the dashboard to filter worksheets by product category

· Embed a worksheet in an existing worksheet

· Create and display user-defined content panes

· Export worksheets and work with worksheets offline

· Understand the Demantra Demand Management capabilities

· Understand the planning process and roles

· Understand the Collaborator Workbench application and work with others

· Navigate, create and format worksheets

· Perform baseline forecasting and simulations

· Use notes and audit trails

Course Duration:

· Total Number of Hours : 40

Demantra Overview

· Demantra overview

· Demantra applications

· Integration details

· Demantra features

· Demantra glossary



Demantra Demand Management Component Capabilities

· Demand Management Capability

· Demand Management Process flow

Collaborator Workbench and Worksheet Implementation

· Collaborator Workbench Overview

· Worksheets

· Views

· Editing, Saving and Retrieving Data

· Notes

· Layout Designer

· Creating Worksheets

Advanced Worksheets

· Embedded Worksheets

· Open and Open with context

Demantra Audit Trail

· Audit Trail Overview

· Creating and Executing Audit Trails

Demantra Levels, Hierarchies and Dimensions

· Dimensions

· Level overview

· Level types

· Level hierarchy

· Level Editor

· Hierarchy Configuration

Demantra Series

· Understanding Series

· Configure Series

· Aggregation and Disaggregation

· Series features and functionalities

· Series Expressions

Demantra Security Model

· User creation and access

· User group

Demantra Security Component

· Component Overview

· Giving privileges from Component

Key Demantra Database Tables

· Key Demantra Staging Tables

· Key Demantra Base Tables

Demantra Workflow

· Demantra workflow manager

· Workflow Steps

· Creating Schemas

· Creating Schema Groups

Demantra New Product Introduction

· NPI overview

· Member Management

· Chaining Management

Demantra Data Model

· Data model Wizard Overview

· Building the Data Model

· Upgrading the Data Model

Integration Interfaces

· Integration Interface Overview

· Inbound Integration Interfaces

· Outbound Integration Interface

· Creating and Executing Integration Interfaces

Forecasting Process Flow

· Building Forecast Tree

· Setting System Parameters

· Selecting Forecast Models

· Running Forecast Engine

Demantra Units and Exchange Rates

· Configure Units and Exchange Rates

Demantra Integration with EBS, Demantra Collections

· ASCP Collections

· Demantra Collections

· Legacy Collections


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