Manual Testing

Who can learn this course:

· Anyone want to pursue their career in Software Testing

Pre Requisite:

· Basic programming knowledge

· Knowledge on testing is an advantage

End Objective:

· Participants will understand the basic principles that guide software testing. Understand test planning, build test cases.

· Can design tests that systematically uncover different classes of errors, with a minimum amount of time and effort .

· They will be able to demonstrate that software functions are working according to specification, behavioral and performance requirements have been met.

Course Duration: 20 Hours

Introduction to testing

· Why testing

· Verification and validation


· V- Model Testing

Software Testing Techniques

· Static testing

· Dynamic testing

· White box

· Black Box Testing

· Experience Based Testing

Test Strategy and Planning

· Test Strategy

· Test Planning

Types of testing

Functional Testing

· Unit Testing

· Integration Testing

· Smoke Testing

· System Testing

· Regression Testing

· User Acceptance Testing

· Globalization Testing

· Localization Testing

Non Functional Testing

· Performance Testing

· Compatibility Testing

· Data Migration Testing

· Data Conversion Testing

· Security / Penetration Testing

· Usability Testing

· Install/Uninstall Testing

· SOA Testing

Automation Testing

· Introduction

· Why Automation Testing

· Automation Life Cycle

Testing Terminology

Common Terms used in testing