Who can learn this course:

  • New system administrators who need the ability to manage both content and servers or developers who are interested in gaining both the technical as well as the functional knowledge.

Pre Requisite:

· Familiarity with relational database (e.g. SQL Server, Oracle etc)

· Familiarity with SQL, stored procedure, functions, cursors

· Familiarity with IIS or web server

· Familiarity with Windows administration

End Objective:

  • Install and configure the IBM Cognos BI software, implement security, and manage the server components.
  • Students will also monitor and schedule tasks, create data sources, manage and deploy content, manage report content in IBM Cognos Connection, and configure IBM Cognos for Microsoft Office.

Course Duration: 45 Hours

Course Content :

Cognos 8 BI Architecture

· Architecture

· Multi-tiered architecture

· Communications

· Workflow

Manage Content in Cognos Administration

· Add a data source

· Plan a deployment

· Create deployment folders

· Export and import entries

· Maintain the Cognos 8 content store

Manage Run Activities

· Manage current, upcoming, and past activities

· Manage schedules

Manage Content in Cognos Connection

· Discuss Cognos 8 roles and groups

· Examine Cognos Connection personal preferences

· Schedule and manage reports

· Organize content

· Design a portal page

· Set permissions

Cognos 8 Framework Manager (Metadata Modeling)

· Introduction to Framework Manager

· Framework Manager Basics

· User Interface, Navigation, Objects

· Naming Conventions for objects in a project

· Designing Project

· Create project

· Importing Metadata

· Data Sources

· Working with Data Source Connections

· Create and Modify Data Sources

· Preparing Relational Metadata for use in Reports

· Preparing Dimensional Metadata for use in Reports

· Verifying Relationships

· Working with Dimensions

· Working with Query Subjects

· Working with Query Items

· Adding Business Rules

· Organizing the Model

· Making Metadata Available to Report Authors

· Verify Model

· Set Governors

· Create or Modify Package

· Controlling access to Metadata

· Explore Package

· Publish Package

Overview of Cognos 8 BI

· Introduce Cognos 8 BI

· Examine the different studios in Cognos 8 BI

Cognos 8 Query Studio

Cognos 8 Analysis Studio

Cognos 8 Report Studio

· Cognos 8 Report Studio

· Introduction to Report Studio

· Report Studio User Interface

· Creating, Save and Run Reports

· Report Templates

· Managing Reports

· Types of Reports

· List Reports

· Crosstab Reports

· Charts

· Formatting a Report

· Report Layout Guidelines

· Fonts, Styles, Header, Footer and Borders

· Insert objects

· Apply Table Styles

· Swap Columns and Rows

· Working with Data

· Filters, Parameters and Prompts

· Sorting and Grouping

· Subtotals and Calculations

· Working with Queries

· Working with Reports

· Managing changes in the Package

· Conditional Formatting

· Drill-through Reports

· Drill-up/Drill-down Reports

· Scheduling Reports