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Introducing iPhone

New technologies have the habit of replacing the old. The world of computing is shrinking more and more as regards to hardware size. From mainframe computers to desktop to laptop to palmtop and now to mini mobile devices, maybe there is no limit.

Regardless of small screen and even smaller icons and graphics, the gadget boasts of more features than a typical computer. It would surely appeal young people on the move, if not all. On top of its USP of touch screen Smartphone, minimal hardware interface and virtual keyboard, the device supports the Internet, the Web, email, GPS and a host of applications.

Applications in iPhone

Applications bundled with the iPhone include camera, SMS, calendar, stocks, weather, maps, clock, calculator, notes, media player and many more. The iPhone operating system is capable of supporting the bundled and future applications from its maker as well as from third-party developers.

Add to this the exciting news that the iPhone makers will allow the third-party iPhone application development. This has led to a good deal of activities around iPhone application programming and several iPhone application development services have set up shop to serve the potential demand for customized iPhone application.